There’s some great lists of legal tech companies out there (like the ones kept by Bob Ambrogi or Stanford’s CodeX).  But if you’re looking for a more targeted list of best-in-class solutions and/or only the products that serious law firms and corporate legal departments are actually using today, it can be a challenge.  And even when you begin to identify some of those companies, there’s not a central resource that sets out basic information about each so that you can compare competing tools and solutions all in one place and determine, at a glance, which ones you should look at more closely.  That’s the challenge we’re trying to solve with our Dealtech Product Profiles.

Our Approach

We’ve create a questionnaire (included below) calling for some of the basic information that we think potential customers want to know when they’re taking their first look at a product.  We’ve sent that questionnaire to select companies that we’ve chosen based on personal experience with the market and recommendations from those we trust.  And we’ve informed the companies that their responses (and, as applicable, declinations to respond) to the questions will constitute the content of their product’s Dealtech profile.  The companies are on the hook for keeping their profile up to date and putting their best foot forward.  It’s our hope that, over time, we’ll be able to create a comprehensive map of the best-in-class solutions on the legal tech landscape.

The Product Profile Questionnaire:

Below is the questionnaire provided to each company for their Product Profile:

Please answer each question carefully (noting the answer-length restrictions).  Please note, every answer will be included in the Product Profile, so even if you are unable or unwilling to provide any of the information requested by the questionnaire (e.g., key customers), please supply an appropriately public-facing answer/declination to the relevant question.  Answers must comply with the length restrictions.  

  1. Product Name

What is the name of your product and (if separately branded) your company?

  1. Product Type/Category

What type of legal technology tool is your product?

  1. Product Description

Please provide a short production description.  (100 words max.)

  1. Key Features

Please describe up to three product features that you believe are key to your products functionality and value proposition. (50 words per feature max.)

  1. Key Competitors

Who do you view as your key competitors?

  1. Key Differentiation

What do you believe sets your product apart from the competition? (50 words max.)

  1. Key Customers

Please list up to 10 key customers.

  1. Pricing

What is the pricing model and price of your product?

  1. Trials/Guarantees

Do you offer free trials or product-related guarantees?

  1. Key Integrations

Who are your key integration partners?

  1. Security/Information Security Features

Please describe your key security and information security features.  (If applicable, please specifically address: SSO, multifactor authentication, GDPR compliance, and certified ISO standards.) (100 words max.)

  1. Deployment/Tech Stack

Do you offer deployments on prem, in the cloud, or a hybrid of the two?  Please describe the applicable tech stack(s).

Send Us Feedback and Suggestions!

We’d love your thoughts on the questionnaire (e.g., if you think should be added to, deleted from, or altered) and on which companies we should invite to complete Dealtech Product Profiles.  Please fill out the form below to share your feedback and suggestions!


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