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Product Name:  Doxly

Product Category:  Transaction Management Platform

Doxly is a legal transaction management platform with a holistic approach to managing a transaction which can be applied to other complex legal workflows. We have a particular focus on managing the closing process. We also focus on data analytics around transactions.

Product Description:

Doxly transforms legal transaction management by allowing legal teams and their clients to collaborate, manage, and accelerate every stage of the deal process. We leverage each law firm’s standard checklists to provide structured workflows with real-time insight. Doxly automates the most tedious parts of managing deals to enable you to focus on client needs. With Signatures Simplified, signature blocks can be created once rather than hundreds of times, pages are formatted automatically for each signer and signature packets are created without ever printing or scanning a single page – tracking the status of every signature page for you.

Key Features

Closing Checklists – Provide a transaction roadmap, helping you organize all relevant documents and tasks required for closing. Never lose track of the current version or responsible party of a document. Keep track of everything needed to move your deal forward with our document-centric task management features.

Signature Management – Signature blocks are created once, pages are formatted automatically and packets are created without ever printing or scanning a single page. We coordinate the signature collection process (both manual and electronic signature) and tracks every page. This centralized solution reduces time spent on administrative tasks by 53% and reduces errors.

Closing Books – Create execution copies of every agreement within the system which can be linked back to your document management system. Delight your clients with closing books delivered at closing with our simple closing book generator, resulting in a time savings of over 80% over traditional processes.

Key Competitors

Closing Folders, Workshare Transact, SimplyAgree

Key Differentiation

Doxly manages the entire transaction process while many of our competitors focus on one aspect of a transaction. Our patent pending signature creation and collection process dramatically decreases administrative time and our unique signature tracker gives clear visibility into the signature process.

Key Customers

  • Dentons US
  • Burns Figa Will
  • Ice Miller
  • Hirschler Fleischer
  • Nextlaw Ventures
  • 5 additional members of the Am Law 50


Annual Subscription – Priced Per Deal


Doxly works with each prospective customer to establish a pilot environment that meets their needs.

Key Integrations

DocuSign, iManage, NetDocuments

Security/Information Security Features

We protect data with At-Rest AES-256 encryption for both RDS instances and file storage. Data in transit is encrypted with 128-bit SSL/TLS or better. Security policies and procedures compliant with the Cloud Security Alliance Cloud Controls Matrix. Doxly offers SSO with ADFS and multi-factor authentication. We are GDPR compliant. All data is stored in ISO 9001 / ISO 27001 Certified Data Centers.

Deployment/Tech Stack

Doxly is a cloud-based platform. We can offer a hybrid solution as well.


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