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Product Name:  Closing Folders

Product Category:  Legal Transaction Management (LTM)

Product Description:

Closing Folders helps lawyers run legal transactions in two ways. First, it centralizes every document, version, schedule, and signature, across all law firms, in a single place. Second, it automates mundane error prone tasks like creating signing packages and closing books.

Key Features

1. Closing Checklists: Closing Folders centralizes all documents across all law firms in a single place providing lawyers with a real-time view of their deal.

2. Signature Pages: Closing Folders can automatically detect all the signature pages in your documents and figure out who needs to sign them. Creating and sending signing packages – a process that currently takes several hours or days – can be accomplished in a few clicks. Signed pages are automatically synced back into the correct closing items.

3. Closing Books: Lawyers who use Closing Folders can send their clients a closing book the day a deal closes. Meanwhile, firm administrators can track all closing books made across the firm and seamlessly integrate new closing books into the firm’s existing knowledge management systems.

Key Competitors

We compete with other LTM providers like Doxly, DealStage, DealWIP, etc. In practice though, the biggest competitor is status quo, with many law firms choosing to stick with the old way of doing things.

Key Differentiation

We are the only LTM provider using machine learning to automatically detect signature pages in documents. Closing Folders can be used with documents in any language and format, even if the person using Closing Folders has not drafted the documents.

Key Customers

  • Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP
  • Bennett Jones LLP
  • Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP

Closing Folders customers include firms in the AmLaw 10, Big Four and Global 500.


Our product is sold as a monthly or annual subscription based on the number of active users.


We typically begin engagements with a pilot project that allows the firm to evaluate the product within an affordable budget and without long-term commitments.

Key Integrations

We have direct integrations with DocuSign and iManage, with plugins available for most other document management systems.

Security/Information Security Features

Closing Folders has an extensive array of security features and is subject to rigorous periodic penetration testing by independent auditors in addition to other audits and reviews in accordance with our security and data management policies. A full description of our security controls is available upon request.

Closing Folders supports multi-factor authentication (MFA) as well as single-sign-on (SSO) with ADFS. Closing Folders is fully compliant with GDPR.

Deployment/Tech Stack

Closing Folders offers multi-tenant cloud, hybrid on-premise, and single-tenant private cloud options. Closing Folders also offers deployments in various global regions.


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