Welcome to Dealtech, a new blog focused on transactional legal technology. We’re striving to map the landscape of transactional tools that help deal lawyers serve their clients better, faster, and cheaper.

What is “dealtech”? 

By “dealtech,” we mean the transactional tools and technology that help lawyers and other professionals get deals done.  Most narrowly, dealtech comprises transaction management platforms, assisted contract review tools, etc., but we think dealtech should also embrace a range of other technological tools and products—from document management solutions to time-keeping and billing tools—that are essential to running an effective transactional practice.

Why Dealtech.io?

It’s frustratingly difficult to find good, comprehensive, yet not over-inclusive lists of legal technology solutions–the types of products that can actually be viable options for leading law firms or corporate legal departments to use today.  And even if you can find a list of such products, it can even more difficult to find basic information about them, their capabilities, their pricing, etc., in order to determine quickly which warrant a closer look. Our goal is to change that.  We hope to collect profiles of all of the best-in-class transactional tools available in the market today to help lawyers and law firms quickly identify the best solutions for their specific needs.  Over time, we hope to become the trusted source for honest views about what is state of the art in the transactional legal tech space.

Our content

Our first content series will be a set product profiles—each drafted by the relevant company in response to our Dealtech Product Profile Questionnaire and complete, at a glance, with all the basic information potential buyers need to determine whether they should invest time and energy in taking a closer look at a particular product.  Once we map the dealtech landscape, we’ll begin taking a closer look at those products ourselves, offering our thoughts and commentary about the best products and most pressing obstacles to efficient transactional practice.

Our views aren’t for sale

To meet our goal of becoming a trusted information source, Dealtech is not pay-to-play.  We pledge that our choices about which products to feature and our views about the merits of different products and technologies are driven by our honest judgment about those products and tech, not compensation.  To the extent we accept any payment for content related to the blog (in connection with a “sponsored” blog post, for example), that fact will be conspicuously noted for our readers.

Let us know what you think!

We’re interested in hearing your thoughts about how Dealtech can add value to the legal tech ecosystem.  Let us know what you think!


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